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Photoshop Hacks

1. Select Colors From Anywhere Let’s start with one of the simple Photoshop tricks. Stop screenshotting things just to grab colors from them! Simply select the Eye Dropper tool, minimize Photoshop, click the dropper onto your canvas, and then drag anywhere outside of Photoshop. 2. Install Custom Photoshop Brushes Next Photoshop tip: don’t feel tied to using

While directing and filming are very important and the most essential parts of filmmaking, editing brings it all together in a digestible and entertaining format. In the video tutorial below I break down seven different video editing techniques you can use in your next video. To see these techniques in action, watch the video below.

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Branding your business or blog and need to find a color scheme? Well this collection of color palettes is great for brand inspiration design ideas when it comes to choosing the right color palette to grow yours at home business. Looking for color palettes for your UI? Color Hex is a useful online tool with

Delivery Drones in Logistics

Over the past decade, drones have evolved from an underdeveloped pipe dream to being on the cusp of its own mainstream logistics sector. Drones, known more formally as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AEVs), are small, autonomous robots that can be controlled either remotely or by following an internal flight path on its own. Let’s take a

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